Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hand knitted scarves

Hello everyone! 
It's 2018! First blog post of the year! It is time for new beginnings and new crafty things to do! BUT at the moment, all I feel like doing is KNITTING! I can knit all day long if I have the time for it. Unfortunately, I only have about 1-2 hours to do it every night. Looks like my love for knitting has not yet subsided, in fact my love for it is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Ever since I started learning about it last year, I just kept going and going at it. ADDICTED!!!

So last November, I started to knit a scarf for the first time. I really wanted to try something other than French knitting and knit something that would be nice enough to be given as a gift for someone special. Something people can wear. Nothing complicated. Simple pattern for a newbie like me. I started searching for ideas on YouTube. That's when I thought of knitting a scarf. It was easy enough although it's time consuming. The thought of having to knit a long scarf was scary because I was afraid I might get bored after a while. Fortunately for me, I never got bored of it! LOL! It came as a surprise! At the time, I didn't even know how to purl. I just knew how to knit. So the garter stitch was the pattern I chose for the scarf, because it means that I can practice my knitting and not having to think too much about the pattern and hopefully get the scarf done faster.

I tried to make it a little interesting by using two different coloured yarns. It turned out good doing that but it has it's pros and cons. I really hated it when the two yarns gets twisted after knitting them a few rows. So every few minutes I have to waste time untwisting them. Maybe I need to rethink of how to solve that problem. Because I wouldn't want to give up a good idea over a somewhat trivial problem.

The plan that I had in mind in the beginning was to finish knitting two scarves before Christmas. I wanted to give them as Christmas gifts to my friends. But the plan was interrupted in December when my Mom got ill and the knitting project was pushed till January 2018. But I'm really glad that I managed to get both the scarves done and posted yesterday. Hopefully they will arrive to their destinations before January ends. 

The first scarf I knitted would be this green and brown yarn combo. I really love this combination. Although I do love the blue yarn combo too! LOL! Oh well! Haha! Anyways, I know my friend who will be receiving this green and brown combo scarf love this colour so much, thus the decision for these colours. It's her all time favourite colours. The blue combo scarf is for another friend who loves blue colours a lot too, just like me! :D 

After all the knitting was done and over with, I started to think of whether I should add a fringe to each scarf. Not adding any seemed to looked good to me. But my Mom thinks otherwise....she advised me to add the fringe anyways because she said it would make it look even better. I'm glad I listened! Sure enough they do looked great with a fringe! I was in such a hurry to get the fringe done that I completely forgot to take a photo of the fringe I made for the blue scarf! Urrrgghhh!!! So upsetting!! It happens when old age starts to creep on me. I forget so easily nowadays, and I'm not even 50 yet! Yikes!! Maybe I think too much, too many things going on in my mind....yup....that's probably the reason...hahahahaha.



Both scarves are about 81 inches in length including the fringe, without the fringe they are 69 inches only. So each scarf is pretty long indeed!! But I love this length. Since I'm quite tall, about 5 feet 4 inches, the length suits me just fine. The people who will be receiving them are quite tall too, so I have to take into consideration on their height as well when knitting the scarf. 

I do hope that this is not the last time I knit scarves. I do hope to make more in future using other knitting patterns that are more challenging. Of course, I would love to experiment with different types of yarns too. The yarns can be what drives me to knit. The colours and textures are so exciting to me. I just love them!!

Now that this project is all done, I can now focus on knitting my own scarf! Haha! I want one too! LOL! :D :D :D

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Miniature hand knitted scarf on Christmas card

Hello again! 
Today is the day! It's Christmas day! When people are busy celebrating Christmas and enjoying their holidays, here I am writing about my second Christmas card design for 2017. This is a card made for a dear friend of mine. I planned to post it before Christmas just like the other card I made, but unfortunately, it had to be postponed. Boohooohooo!! So sad!

I made something for my friend and I plan to post it along with this card. Until that gift is ready, I can't post it yet. So I'm pretty stressed out here trying my level best to get it done before the year is over. It could be a new year's gift as well, so I'm working as fast as I could to get it all done on time. 

I really enjoyed making this miniature scarf for the card. It's just so cute. I think I made so many of them in the beginning when I was experimenting with the measurements. I had to make sure they would fit nicely on the card. In the end, I think I made it  a bit too long for the card. To be honest, it took me longer to make the scarf compared to making the miniature sweater. Next time I'll make the scarf shorter. Lesson learned! LOL! Since it's for a Christmas card, I used a dark green and red yarn for the scarf. It's a lot harder to knit with such a small yarn but with lots of practice, it gets easier.

One thing for sure.....knitting takes such a LONG time to finish. It takes FOREVER!! hahahah!! So although the design is simple, it sure is time consuming. Since I myself am just a beginner, it takes much longer to get the job done compared to experts hahaha.

As always, every time I want to write the sentiment on the card, I will use my Speedball calligraphy pen and my favourite ink from Dr Ph Martin. I just love how smooth the ink is. Although my writing is not that great, somehow the pen makes it look good...LOL!! Believe me, the pen sure do wonders! Come to think of it, I need to get more colours for the ink. I keep using the same gold colour for my cards, over and over again. 

I really love the knitting needles that I made for knitting the scarf. Especially because of the heart shape beads that I used for them. I don't have a lot of them in my collection. Just a few left! I bought them years ago when I was staying in Kuala Lumpur. I see a lot of people who makes miniature knitted scarf for cards would use round beads like the ones I used for the miniature hand knitted sweaters. But for this one I just had to use the heart shape ones, for a couple of reasons. One because they match the colour of the scarf and second because the person who is receiving it loves hearts so much. ❤❤❤

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Miniature hand knitted sweaters on Christmas cards

Hello everyone!
I'm sure a lot of you are in a holiday mood and can't wait to celebrate Christmas that is just around the corner. I've just finished making these cute pop up Christmas cards for my friends. Looks like I'm late again and the cards would probably arrive to them after Christmas.

I had it all planned out so well but God knows best. I thought this year I could get my Christmas cards done early and have them arrive to my friends a few days before Christmas. But unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned. Something horrible happened to my Mom and all my work had to be put to a stop! My Mom fell in her bathroom and hit her head on the floor a couple of weeks ago. She had to be warded for about a week and is on the road to recovery now, alhamdulillah.

It was really a difficult time for me and my Mom. None of us has ever experienced something like that before so it was an eye opener and we learned a lot from the experience. I hope to never have to go through all that again. We are indeed very very careful now. 

Actually I started making the knitted sweaters before the accident. I also made the Christmas cards as at the same time as well. But I didn't get the chance to blog about it earlier or completed the whole card because of the accident. So today I finally get to complete them all. There are actually 2 different designs of knitted cards that I managed to do for Christmas this year. The other one I will share with you here in another post soon.

I made the simplest pop up Christmas tree ever! In fact I think this is the simplest pop up I've ever made for any card. When you are in a hurry and do not have enough time, you just gotta do with what you can. I like it, and that is what is important. No point doing something you don't like right??

I can't believe that I made those tiny sweaters! They are so cute! I'm still a beginner so the pattern is very basic and very easy to do. I couldn't find any tutorial on how to make them so I just wing it! Can't believe I manage to pull it off! Hope to learn more on how to make a more realistic looking miniature sweaters in future. 

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Combining French knitting and quilling on a card #2


Hello again everyone! Looks like I've been making this knitted quilling heart card again this month. In fact I made quite a few of them for some old friends on their birthday and some extra for stock. I really enjoyed making this design because I get to play with vortex coils again and of course not forgetting the knitting!! Obsessed with knitting nowadays haha!

The reason why I'm blogging about this one is because, I've made some changes to the design especially the colours of the knitted quilling heart and also the pop up hearts. I decided to make it look more bright and cheerful to match the colours of the pop up hearts.

The knitted heart now has flourescent pink and red Lily yarn combined together. The previous one has soft pink and red Lily yarn. 

I remembered having this really cute bling bling heart stickers and I couldn't resist not sticking them on the pop up hearts. I also added those punch out hearts to add more different sizes of hearts and crowd it up a bit. The more the merrier they say. :D

I didn't put those dialogue boxes anymore with wordings in them, instead I added a Happy Birthday sticker on the knitted quilling heart. It really matches and I really love this one a lot compared to the one I made previously. It's just so cheerful to look at. Have a look at the video of the card below and you'll see what I mean. Thanks! :)

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Combining French knitting and quilling on a card


When I first started learning how to do French knitting last month, I always had a thought at the back of my mind about how to use it as part of the decoration on my handmade cards. If I could combine it with quilling that would be even better. So the thought never left my mind. I knew I had to combine them somehow, one day. 

So I did some research on what people would use the French Knitting (i-cords) for. I was really surprised at the things that people can make with it. However I didn't find any examples of the i-cords used for cards, but I did find that there are people who made hearts, ribbons, stars and many other shapes with it. So, it's all up to your imagination to design whatever you fancy and make it your own.

This month I have a birthday card to make for a dear friend of mine and she's really crazy about hearts!! She loves hearts so much I tell ya! Haha! So I thought the ideas I had for this birthday card couldn't have come at the right time for her. In my previous blog post, I've already shown in it some photos of the i-cords that I used to make heart shapes with. See the photo below :

As you can see, I used Lily yarns to make the i-cord. Two different colours knitted together, to show contrast. I have lots of Lily yarns left from my previous projects, so I love the fact that I can use them up for making knitted hearts. There was lots of trials and errors before I could get that particular size. Since Lily yarns are not that thick, I had to double it to get that size.

After that I kept thinking of what shapes of quilling that would be suitable to arrange in the middle of the heart. I thought of using the quilling vortex coils because ever since I made a video of how to make them, I myself have never actually used them as decorations for any of my handmade cards. So it was great that I could use them now for this one. I made lots of them, just small sized ones in different shades of red and rose to match the colours of the knitted heart.

Usually for all my handmade quilling cards, I would use shredded quilling papers, but this time around I decided to use 5 mm standard quilling papers that I bought some time ago. The vortex coils look really neat when quilled with this paper compared to the shredded papers because the shredded papers don't have that smooth finish on the edges. So I really love the look of those vortex coils! 

As for the background decorations, I wanted to use the embroidery threads and create a pattern by sewing on the card. It's a quick, easy and simple way to beautify and fill up the empty spaces. It was a lot of fun sewing it.

I'm really excited about the pop up hearts that I used for the card! I bought it from the diy shop and it's really wonderful. So easy to use and saves me a lot of time. All that is needed to do is just paste it inside the card and then I could randomly add on more punch out hearts and sentiments on it to make it my own. There's just so many ways to make it different, again it's all up to our imagination whether we want it simple or elaborate.

I hope to make more of this card soon. It's fun to make and it can be used for more than just one occasion. That's what I love about it. Hope my friend loves it as much as I do!! Need to post it as soon as possible! :D :D

By the way, do check out the video below and see how the card pops up lots of hearts inside it! Thank you!! :)

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

French knitting

A lot has happened this month....I've been quilling a lot in the beginning of it but later found a new love. And that new love is French knitting! Who knew that I would be knitting one day! I never knew I could! But I can now, haha! It's all about learning new things guys!! 

Well, I've never heard of French knitting before, but it just so happens that a good friend of mine, Kak Sharifah was doing it on Facebook one day and I couldn't help but feel so curious and intrigued at the same time about it. Once I Googled and saw tutorials about it on YouTube, I was addicted like mad! I just couldn't stop doing it everyday. 

I didn't have the knitting loom at hand to do it but luckily a few kind people on YouTube made tutorials on how to make your own knitting loom using tissue rolls with Popsicle sticks and also using mineral bottles and chopsticks as well. So, seeing all that was a great relief for me since I'm very much into recycling and DIY, so it was perfect!! I immediately made a few of them, experimented on which type suits me best. It was like a great adventure! I had lots of fun experimenting on it everyday.

I first started experimenting making the loom using the tissue rolls and Popsicle sticks. That seems like the easiest one for me to do. I had lots of tissue rolls at home and also some Popsicle sticks (I bought long ago to make bookmarks with quilling flowers). When it comes to yarns, I didn't have a lot to choose from. Since it's my first time doing this, I decided to use the free yarn that I got from China long ago. After trying out knitting with it for a few inches, I realised that this type of yarn is not suitable for what I was aiming for. It didn't give me the shape I wanted. It couldn't because the yarn is too small and fragile. So I had to change the yarn! The loom itself had about 8 broad sticks, thus making the knit quite big. 

This time around, I decided to search for a thicker yarn for my experiment. Unfortunately when I was searching for yarns in my craft room, I was only able to find some Lily yarns. Lots of them!! The worst part is that, a lot of them are all tangled up from previous projects. Actually I bought the Lily yarns for my hand-bound books project years ago. I have them in a variety of colours. Too bad they are still not that thick enough and they only come in single colours. I knew I might get bored knitting a single colour at a time, so I combined two colours, and this made the knit very thick especially since the loom has 8 broad sticks on it. I planned to use this blue black cord as a handle for a knitted bag. I haven't made the bag yet, but at least I have the handle already done! hahaha!

This is my third try at making a loom. I wanted to make cords that are smaller in size and at this time I really wanted to try knitting with wool yarns. This purple wool yarn is the only wool yarn I have at hand. If I am not mistaken, my aunt gave it to me years ago when I was learning how to crochet from her. That didn't work out that well since my crochet skills were pretty bad hahaha. 

So I figured, in order to get smaller cords, I needed to have the sticks smaller in size. Immediately I thought of the bamboo chopsticks I have at home. I cut off the top part of the chopsticks and use them as pegs for knitting. I glued them on the tissue roll that I had cut as well to make the size smaller. This method worked and I finally achieved getting the shape and size of knit that I wanted. Success! The only problem was, although it got me the results, the handling of the loom was not that comfortable. So off I went to do another experiment! Haha!

This is my forth loom! My favourite so far!! This is when I thought of using the mineral bottle instead. The only reason why I used the mineral bottle is because, the opening of the bottle is pretty small which is great for making small cords and the bottle itself is transparent, which makes it easy for me to view the cord inside the bottle as I am knitting it. If you are a beginner or and advance knitter, you would understand why I want to be able to view the knit inside before it's long enough to come out of the bottle. The excitement to see how it looks can be so thrilling. I just couldn't wait to see how it looks!! You won't get that if you use the tissue roll as the body of the loom. 

Anyways....I'm so glad I finally get to make the looms myself. To buy all the looms for different types of knitting can be very expensive nowadays, so if it's not that hard, then I'll try my best to make them on myself. It sure does feel good to be able to recycle and produce some pretty things with them. 

I am not supposed to buy any new yarns until I've finished using up all the Lily yarns that I have now.....well at least finish 90% of them so that I will have some space for new supplies. I'm aiming to buy those multi-coloured cotton wool yarns. Those are so much fun to play with! :) There's just so many things that I can make with those Lily yarns. Like those heart shapes which I can use for embellishments, I can also make chains for necklaces, bracelets and many more! Hope to blog more about it when they're done. :)

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